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    For small things French Vintage, quirky, eclectic, shabby & oh so chic!

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    A little bit about us.....

    Even before I moved to France I have always loved vintage items: they have a story to tell, a patina that are all their own, making them one of a kind. I started to add them to my decor at home, loved the fact that people would comment on them, and ask me to look out for things for them. When I started to holiday in France the love affair with France and French vintage items really began. From the crochet cotton throws, to the rusty jugs and small Waltherglass bowls I was like a child in a sweetshop.

    In 2015 we packed up and sold our possessions in England and moved to France permanently. We now live in the Pays de Loire region of France, a rural farming area, with rolling hills and medieval towns.

    Now I live in France , whilst my love affair continues I cannot keep all of the wonderful things I find. Sometimes I let them live with me for a while, sometimes they never leave! So take a look at my gallery and if you like what you see then please visit my Etsy shop @petitefrenchfancies or you can contact me direct. Happy Vintaging, always be eclectic....Moisy

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    Rustic oak vignette shelf

    I love this French Vintage oak shelf vignette, with all the staples of a French kitchen. Perfect for The rustic decor lover.

  • The ones that got away...

    Some of the items that have gone to homes all over the world; it’s one of the things I love about my shop, beautiful things go on to live a new chapter of their lives all over the globe.

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    There is nothing like blue & white: a classic

    China egg holder & Emilia Olkusz Milk Pail

    Blue & white is one of my favourite colour combinations This pretty little blue & white china egg holder went to live in Australia, and the Emilia Olkusz collectibke milk pail to a collector in the UK.

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    Circa 1960s Delicate French Vintage Toleware Chandelier

    This was the 2nd Toleware Chandelier I have sold & they are harder & harder to find, I am definitely keeping the next one. Look out for this type of lighting in my shop, if I decide to let it go.! I can source this type of item for you.

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    French Religious Icons

    The Virgin Mary, or Marion as she is known in France

    A common site in France in alcoves on the side of bulidings, the statues were seen as protection from harm. The Virgin Mary, or Marion as she is known in France is revered not least for the sightings of her in this particular area over the centuries.

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    Vintage French Enamelware

    The one that got away

    It was no good, I love this 1930’s French Vintage Jug so much I removed it from sale & kept it. Very rare, white with royal blue lines around it and royal blue outline at the edging it has flowers on the handle this jug is soooo pretty. Similar items can be sourced for you.

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    Fragonard Porcelaine Coffee Set

    Not French, but German. What history does this set have behind it!

    This beautiful coffee set went off to live in California USA. The feedback from the client was ‘ ‘perfect, thrilled, merci, merci’. I love that!

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    Blue & White Willow Ware

    Extremely rare circa 1980’s Collectible

    Although English, this was a rare find outside the city of Laval. Extremely rare & collectible, this is no longer being reproduced. The client in Georgia USA was overjoyed and said ‘I love my crock, I loved working with this shop’.

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    Antique Hammered Copper Lavabo

    18th century Lavabo

    Thie Lavabo proved very popular, placed in the garden  in the sunshine it provides hot water. A beautiful 

  • What we do

    We aim to provide help to all the Vintage Lovers, and those who want to use vintage items for a shabby eclectic style in their home

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    We help you to find original gifts for all occasions.

    Vintage French Religious Icons

    A perfect gift for Easter: This vintage French chalk sacred heart statue of Jesus is absolutely stunning. Circa 1920 or earlier he is in almost perfect condition; but it was his beautiful face that I fell in love with. I love The French religious icons. He has lived with me for a while because he is such a rare find, but now it is now time to let him go.

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    We help you find Rustic Originals

    For all those who love rustic decor.

    A bit of rust is perfect for any lover of rustic decor. I love this cream and red French vintage jug, perfect for any kitchen, with fresh flowers from your garden.

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    We help you find all things Vintage, Glass & pretty

    From Waltherglass to Vintage French Crystal, coloured glass, to vintage glass handled bottle openers.


    This pretty Waltherglass fruit, or punch bowl, caught my eye with it’s stunning colours and design of pink leaves with purple berries. I didn’t want to let this go, but I have to make room for new finds.

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    We find Kitchenalia, for all the quirky vintage lovers out there

    Vintage items to make your kitchen stand out

    This set of three metal canisters, with their slight smudges of rust, and faded colours from where they have sat in the French sun too long, would make the perfect addition to any rustic kitchen, or shabby chic kitchen. Circa 1960s.

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    We find and sell eclectic originals

    Items that stand out from the crowd.

    These agricultural metal signs can be seen all over France; although each one is an original, because they are the prizes for each towns yearly agricultural fairs. One went to the USA and one went to Sweden.

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    Sourcing: All things vintage

    If your looking for a particular item or idea contact me and we can discuss your needs.

    This beautiful 1930’s holy communion certificate was sourced for a client in the USA who particularly wanted the last supper. A real one off with the French childs date of baptism (1921) and date of Holy Communion (1931) A perfect thing for all thise that love a sense of history.

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    Finding Collectibles

    Rare & unusual finds

    This was one of the first items I sold: A very rare Skyhook. He is a French Woodcutter, and whilst I could find other one off’s on line none were like him. He was purchased by a collector in New York City.

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    Styling ideas

    Our renovated hand painted shelf, with vintage candleholder & handmade wooden hearts

    If you have difficulty pulling a look together then I am happy to assist. I have an eye for detail & I can source the items & forward photos for you. These hearts in this picture are handmade by us. Every one is an original.

  • Five star reviews

    All five ⭐️ Reviews!

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    French Vintage Copper Basket

    Copper oxydised basket

    Intended to use for eggs, and given where I found it, this large basket was clearly owned by an affluent aristocrat who kept an array of birds. It’s owner loved it She said ‘I love this basket, thank you very much for finding it, it’s all as I like it.

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    French Vintage Oak and Copper Shelf

    Early 19th Century French Vintage Shelf

    I loved this French Vintage Shelf; with it’s hammered copper roses & nearly didn’t let it go. It went to a new home in Canada, and it’s new owner cherishes it.

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    French. Vintage Decanter & French Vintage Crystal Glasses

    What more could anyone ask, but your wine in a French decanter, drinking it from French Vintage Crystal Etched Glasses.

    Sold individually, the French Vintage Crystal and Pewter Decanter went to live in the UK and French Vintage Crystal Glasses went to live in Paris. From rural France to the height of chic!

  • Contact Form

    If there is anything I can help you with please contact me.

  • Postage

    Postage can be provided by courier or via the French postal system Collissimo. All postage is estimated as it changes frequently. Please contact me if you are interested in an item and I will be happy to find out the cost at time of purchase.

    Personal delivery available in mainland Europe and the UK

    Personal delivery for all large items to mainland Europe & the UK is available direct from us in France. Please contact me for costings. For all purchases or orders over 300€ personal delivery from France can be provided for only 150€. Please contact me for further information or to discuss your requirements.

  • Shop Contact Details

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    Petite French fancies

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  • Styling Pretty Vignettes

    I love to pull things together for eye catching displays & pretty little vignettes; & what is better than original one off French Vintage pieces? #always original #always bespoke #always eclectic #always vintage

    If you want to see more of my tastes you can always find me and all my boards on pinterest: Moisfrenchadventure.com

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    Jesus and the French Wooden Toolbox in the French autumn sunshine,

    French Vintage Vignettes

    I loved this toolbox, bottle carrier in a tiny vide grenier near to my Village. I fell in love with it’s patina, and the way the wood has beautiful aged; so much so I could not let it go.

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    Coloured glass, white hearts & worn wood.

    Even in our garden vignettes are set up!

    This pretty 1950s molded glass cake stand, & rustic hurricane lamp were all found at vide grenier. Teamed with a modern lantern they go so well on my restored, rustic garden table.

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    French Vintage Mirror with Vintage Cherub.

    A double effect, with the cherub reflected in the mirror

    This mirror is for sale, should I let it go? I found it in a vide grenier in the Medieval town of Lassay les Chateaux

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    French Vintage wooden tool box, with fresh flowers from the garden

    New & Old mixed together, the eighty year old toolbox and the modern mass produced item

    For all the Vintage & vignette lovers a beautiful old toolboxes are a must. So versatile, & all with their original patina. I will be sourcing more for my shop this year. I must just keep one or two though!

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    Vintage Enamelware Vignette

    I set this vignette up on my restored shelf in my kitchen, nothing can beat enamel for a rustic look.

    All items on this shelf can be found for sale in my shop, apart from the string dispenser & heart plant pot. If you really want a rustic appeal then you simply have to use enamel.

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    Early 1900s French Wooden Toolbox

    I set this vignette up In my garden last summer, with flowers from my garden & handmade bespoke wooden hearts made by us.

    I love the patina of this toolbox & I will be sourcing more when vide grenier season starts this month. They are so pretty and versatile for the home.

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    A Vignette of wood, copper, tin & enamel, with a dusting of rust.

    With it’s French oil lamp, hand painted enamel coffee pot, and enamelware jug this vignette was perfect in my kitchen.& I have decided to keep the blue & white jug,

    Sadly this shelf has sold, & I have decided to keep this blue & white jug. I really want to keep the coffee pot, the patina of it is so pretty, but my husband is right I have to let some things go! The vintage L’hirondelle lamp is the most beautiful blue grey colour & would be just perfect to sut with the coffee pot & a small piece of crystal.

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    Aged Cherubs and Crystal Candleabres on a hand painted side table.

    This vignette sits in my window at our home in France.  

    The cherub was brought from new 14 yrs ago, & then I left him in the garden in all weathers. He aged beautifully & is now one of my most treasured possessions. He is placed with a beautiful vintage crystal candleabre a mass produced lantern, and some fake flowers, & my! How it works! You can mix vintage & New successfully, you just have to know how! Look out for our new handpainted bintage furniture range coming soon.

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    French hand painted Oar peg shelf

    Found in a pretty Seaside Town Le Touquet

    This pretty Oar with Pegs can be used as both a decorative ornament or as a means to hang things from and would be the talk of any hallway or bedroom. It has both a decorative and functional purpose.


    Shabby chic in design the paint is worn and chipped as intended to enhance the look of the item. I have to say that although found in France is does make me think of New England when I look at it.


    A beautiful unusual addition to any home

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    Hand Painted drawer shelf, shabby chic with a little piece of sparkle

    Vintage China, chic French jam jars, buttons & bows, all watched over by Mr Moon

    I love old jam jars filled with pretty buttons, and sparkling beads, kept from old bracelets that have broken in the past. This old drawer was found at a vide grenier in a small town near to me. We turned it around into a pretty little shelf, hand painted in shabby chic style with two colours of pale pink & mint green. I patchworked the back with material. It lives in our spare bedroom where I write & I Love Mr Moon, and my son’s christening gift of the Noddy Plate. Look out as we will be searching more drawers out and they will be for sale in our new furniture range.

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    Vintage Wall light

    1920s Vintage Wall lamp shade, with a vintage wooden star, take pride of place in my bedroom

    I found this pair of pretty shades in a French market town near to me. Circa 1920s they are in perfect condition. I just love them in my bedroom, & the contrast of the delicate shades with the rustic hand painted mirror, and chatity shop wooden star.

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    Vintage Wall Tulip lights

    19240s Vintage Wall lights with tulip shape.

    Because I love all things sparkly I was over the moon when hubby fitted these wall lights that I found in one of the prettiest villages in France: Sainte Suzanne. The way the shape of the shade reflects the light against the wall is so pretty. These lights are harder & harder to find, and I have a pretty pink one for sale currently in the shop.